Azafran Innovacion Ltd.

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Mansi Vyas and Aditi Vyas, who are sisters, have made a positive impact on the organic space in India through Azafran Innovacion Ltd.

Azafran Innovacion Ltd was conceived in 2007 as an idea to bring genuine, certified organic products to consumers in India and abroad, in the domains of personal care, home care, edibles, and many more.

The product lines at the company are created using the best organic ingredients grown, harvested, extracted and processed at an in house facility.

D'fend Organic Sunscreen 50+
D’fend Organic Sunscreen 50+

The company grows over 35 varieties of plants, flowers and herbs that are extracted and processed at their own facility that ensures 100 percent natural purity.

Azafran’s website no longer only serves the domestic market but has expanded its reach to 115 countries. To maximise the results, new ecommerce platforms and products are launched using the Integrated Marketing Approach.

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