Azafran Organic Products Review

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Azafran Organic has a range of certified organic products that span food, cosmetics, wellness, skincare and more.

As a firm advocate of an organic way of life, when I was asked to review a few products of Azafran Organic, India’s leading Internationally certified organic products manufacturing company, I was quite enthused.

In a few days I was pleasantly surprised to receive a huge parcel from Fedex and opened it to discover a range of products that the brand had sent for review. Here is what I thought of the products.

Selection of food products at Azafran Organic
Selection of food products at Azafran Organic


Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil
While I use olive oil in all my cooking, the garlic infusion makes this excellent for pastas and even regular curries. The aromatic oil is sure to add a zing to your dish.

Grass Fed Gir Cow’s Organic A2 Ghee
Ghee is a staple at home and this one is great as it is made from A2 milk of grass fed cows. Pure and aromatic, this ghee makes a great addition to hot rice and even on parathas. I tasted it with Chutney powder and the ghee blended seamlessly and tastes very good. This product also has a ECOCERT Certification.

Organic Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed)
I was lucky that all the products I got are part of my cooking. This cold pressed organic coconut oil is on point as it preserves the rich nutrients of the coconut as no heat is used in extraction. Monosaturated Fatty Acids in coconut also help heart health and this one is organic too. This also has both USDA and ECOCERT Certifications.

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Selection of cosmetics at Azafran Organic
Selection of skincare and cosmetics at Azafran Organic


D’fend SPF 50+ Crème
This has a light texture and can be applied smoothly on the skin and leaves no white cast. The product is Sweat-proof, water-proof and has a SPF of 50.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash
This is a face wash that has tea tree and coconut oil and feels a little heavy on the face. You will do better if you take a tiny portion and massage it on your face.

Nutri Active Advanced Skin Firming Cream
A great way to give your face a fresh look, this firming cream has a mild fragrance and spreads evenly and smoothly. I felt a nice suppleness after I used this one.

Jasmine Floral Water
One of my favourite flowers is jasmine and this floral water captures the fragrance of the flower perfectly. Great to beat the heat and destress simply spray on your face and body and feel instantly refreshed. This also has both USDA and ECOCERT Certifications.

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Eco friendly detergent at Azafran Organic
Eco friendly detergent at Azafran Organic

Home Care

Tropical Breeze 6 in 1 Eco-friendly Liquid Laundry Detergent Refill Pack
Made from plant-derived, natural ingredients, this is a great way to clean clothes without harming the fibers and more importantly not causing environmental damage. The mild fragrance of the liquid also ensures you have clothes that smell super.

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Selection of wellness supplements at Azafran Organic
Selection of wellness supplements at Azafran Organic


Immunity is a buzzword in today’s times. The Turmeric effervescent tablet is both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. The Gooseberry effervescent tablet is packaging the goodness of Amla in a handy manner.

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Disclaimer: while I received the products for the review all opinions expressed are my own.

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