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Babita Shrestha – author of Plant-Based Himalaya

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Babita Shrestha is a plant-based chef, photographer, graphic designer, and the author of Plant-Based Himalaya.

In recent times, one food trend that is ruling the charts is plant-based eating. Even as sustainability on your food plate has come to the forefront, clean and simple eating with a focus on all things local ensures you are doing your bit to save the environment.

Featuring beautiful full-color photos, Babita shares over 30 vegan recipes from her home country, including mouthwatering grains, dal, curries, greens, sauces, and desserts. In addition to food, Babita introduces her beloved Nepal along with her personal goals for a plant-based diet: decreasing mass production and consumption of unhealthy processed food in plastic packaging.

Vegan Nepal recipe
Vegan Nepal recipe

While cooking was in her heritage and the family had many chefs, she always wanted to become a chef but could not see herself working in a chaotic restaurant environment.

Being vegan is very easy in Nepal, especially when it comes to fresh fruit and vegetables. In cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara, coconut milk and soy milk are common while the rest of the country is heavily vegetarian. Most people have quit dairy and switched to ginger tea.

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