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Baking Memories in Bengaluru

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The old time bakeries of Bengaluru continue to whip up some old time favourites that continue to be relevant generations after they were first started.

When Priyank Sukanand came back to Bengaluru after completing his masters in pastry and confectionery arts at Le Cordon Bleu in London he was faced with a situation where he found no jobs.

Much like Priyank, Dianath Arshad, Founder and Managing Director, BREA a fourth generation baker is continuing his great grandfather’s legacy along with his brother Mothasim Arshad. The family has been in the baking business for about 120 years.

Kadlekai Bun
Kadlekai Bun

At Sreenivasa Brahmin’s Bakery in Gandhi Bazar, started in 1956 by Late H R Ramaswamy Iyengar, the aroma of freshly made puffs and cakes is unmissable.

A similar scene unfolds at the VB Bakery in Sajjan Rao Circle that was founded in 1953 by K Tirumalachar where the sweet and khara (spicy) buns fly off shelves as soon as the fresh batch arrives every day from the kitchen.

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