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Bedrooms in Home Décor

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Bedroom, being the most comfortable space in the home, new launches are commonplace. The year 2022 has seen new launches in bedrooms and closet space with TV Units, cabinets and sideboards.

The bedroom is becoming a place that is supposed to evoke emotions and bring back good memories from the past, it is the most personal space in a home for an individual and should be representative of the personality of the space.

The Murphy bed is one of the most popular pieces of bedroom furniture and is trending in 2022. And then there is the multifunctional corner wardrobe-cum-study table unit that is also popular.

Summer is usually that time of the year when people choose to either change the décor of their homes completely or go in for focused room renovation. Bedrooms and closets are often the most popular subjects for the latter.

Contemporary spaces today are not just contemporary in style, but also in utility. Optimal utilisation of space is the new luxury in contemporary living.

A stunning laminate wardrobe with a cleverly designed dressing unit courtesy Design Cafe
A stunning laminate wardrobe with a cleverly designed dressing unit courtesy Design Cafe

Bedrooms today are no more just spaces to sleep, they are places where people would want to quarantine in style. With work-from-home being the new way of life in residential spaces, people wish to elevate their everyday experience in their private spaces and with a strong personal touch.

Natural and recycled materials, as well as the installation of home automation with energy-saving gadgets that allow heating and lighting to be controlled remotely.

Bedrooms are synonymous with comfort and relaxation. Lighting can greatly affect us biologically and psychologically by impacting the serotonin and melatonin levels in our body that govern sleep patterns, moods, and overall wellbeing.

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