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Bengaluru’s Décor Brands Go Green

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Sustainability in decor has been an aspect that has long been in vogue but there are some brands that believe in making the difference as they walk the talk when it comes to being sustainable.

If you are doing up a new home or are looking to give your home a spanking new makeover, one element that must be a top consideration is sustainability. Products that are ecologically conscious can mean many things, not just the way they are manufactured. Think handmade, handcrafted, local, artisan made and traditional. We help you choose right with some recommendations of brands that we have handpicked.

Escape by Creatomy

Escape aims to usher in a new age of Indian furniture. One which is meticulously detailed, technologically forward and beyond the mundane. All while being very respectful of the traditional Indian crafts and creating a platform to allow our crafts to take centre stage. 

The Purple Turtles

The Purple Turtles is one of the most eclectic brands working with various local vendors to create unique home décor and their products are a testimony to the finest craftsmanship. From handcrafted sculptures, heritage paintings, timeless furniture, eclectic lighting, and décor to gifting for every occasion, the brand has a wide range of items to choose from.

Minimal Indian

Pure. Minimal. Handmade. Hand Painted. These are four words that best capture the ethos of Minimal Indian. The brand has a range of ceramics that are first skillfully handmade by studio potters, one piece at a time. Every piece is wheel thrown and hand glazed.

Oorjaa Lighting Design

A pioneer in crafting artisanal and sustainable lights, Oorjaa’s ethos is anchored firmly in the concept of sustainability. Their collections pay homage to artisanal craftsmanship and take inspiration from nature. The brand’s veritable range of lamps and lighting fixtures are made of waste like banana fibre, lokta fibre, stone quarry dust and waste cork.

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