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Bhola & Blonde

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Bhola & Blonde is a new restaurant located in Bengaluru’s upscale Indiranagar locality whose design is an ode to desi décor.

Imagine entering a restaurant and that feels like the exotic east. Well, if you see muted greens and blues shades that are very telling and depictive of a peacock, giant bird cages and swings it is bound to take you back in time. And this is just a sneak peek into the luxurious interiors of Bhola & Blonde designed by Minal Chopra, Interior Designer. The main target for the restaurant was to attract Indian families who wanted to dine at an Indian restaurant relating to their sensibilities and giving them an ambience that not only complimented the food but also elevated their mood.

The interiors of Bhola & Blonde
The interiors of Bhola & Blonde

Peacocks, naturally, play a crucial role in the decor of the place not only because it is typically a bird found in India but also because it is symbolic of the exotic roots of India even on a global scale. The beautiful colors and peacock feathers are deeply culturally rooted in everything that is serene and elegant.

The furnishings used are in line with the overall theme of an exotic house of ill repute, circa 1900. Aside from the signature adornments and peacock motifs, the team have scoured for the perfect accessories that will add that extra bit of personality to the restaurant.

The challenge in designing the space was to ensure that the interiors provided an experience as authentic as possible to not only stand out in the crowd and ensure it did not get lost in translation. After all it celebrates food, with a touch of quintessential Indian aesthetics.

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