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Bombay Greens – helping you develop Green Fingers

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Growing microgreens at home could well mean that you have health in your hands even as COVID-19 rages on.

By July 2020, Mahir Chablani, an 8-year-old student in, Delhi was completely bored. The lockdown and closure of school had him confined home for over four months. That is when his mother discovered DIY kits from Bombay Greens which she admits was a godsend. “It was a lovely gardening project for my kid. It was great to teach him how to grow your own veggies in such a simple DIY Kit. He totally loved it.”

DIY Kits from Bombay Greens
DIY Kits from Bombay Greens

Likewise, Mumbai based 10-year-old Shanaya Mehta egged on by her mother decided to build her interest around gardening. “The microgreens kit is such a cool concept mainly because it doesn’t require months to wait for the harvest.” While the DIY kits are simple enough for children to use, the kits have made their way into 5000 plus homes to date. The kits have also served the purpose of practically showing the plant cycle to young kids. Bombay Greens was co-founded by couple Tanvi Agarwal and Ankur Agarwal during the COVID -19 pandemic in May 2020 as they noticed a need for people to learn to grow vegetables at home.

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