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Brainciti, Dubai

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Faisal Ibrahim, Founder & CEO, Brainciti speaks about how digital learning is the way forward and the key to unlocking opportunities both online and offline.

In his career spanning just over a decade in Dubai, Ibrahim has worked across business lines and created a niche for himself in the space of online learning.

A native of Kerala, Ibrahim came to Dubai in 2010 after doing his MBA and started his career in the UAE as a legal consultant with Adam Consulting. He then moved to Kerry Group where he worked in different departments including human resources and administration. For someone who was always interested in consulting and helping companies to grow, he also had dreams of being an entrepreneur.

Ibrahim finally started Brainciti & Empowerment Talks in April 2020 with a vision to inspire people to empower themselves.

Read the full story that first appeared in Aspire Magazine’s July 2021 issue here:

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