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Burma Burma at Forum Rex Walk

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Bringing robust flavours and intriguing dishes from the streets and homes of Burma – Burma celebrates the culture, taste, and cooking styles of this fascinating yet largely unexplored country! India’s only specialty Burmese restaurant- Burma Burma opens in the heart of the city’s shopping and dining district at Forum Rex Walk, Brigade Road, Bangalore. 

Each Burma Burma restaurant presents unique aspects of its original country and the interiors of Bangalore’s new outpost, designed by Minnie Bhatt Designs led by Principal Architect Minnie Bhatt, pays tribute to Burma’s stunning countryside of the Bagan region, with a quiet nod to Bangalore’s famed green cover. With contemporary and minimalist design aesthetics that pay tribute to both Burma’s old-world charm and the Garden City; the all-new restaurant and tea-room is bright, airy, and spacious – a verdant oasis amidst the bustling metropolis. 

Interiors of Burma Burma
Interiors of Burma Burma

Spread over 2,000 Sq. ft, the 124-seater restaurant has an outdoor and indoor dining area. The Terracotta perforated blocks at the entrance are adorned with a hand-painted Burmese wooden doll. The outdoor dining area is lined with cane high-back couches interspersed with clusters of potted plants and giant Pathein parasols – traditional umbrellas made by local artisans in Burma. 

The restaurant, modelled on the lines of a typical Burmese veranda, is marked by a veranda-like space that forms the main dining area. The colour palette used is primarily natural tones with subtle pastel hues to enhance the rustic feel. It is also an ideal backdrop for the vibrant colours of the Burmese textile and artefacts used to decorate the restaurant. The earthy tones juxtaposed by wooden accents, recreates a mood that is sure to transport you to Bagan, in Burma.  Continuing with the palette of natural, earthy tones, the flooring is a combination of ochre cement tiles and natural Shahbad stone. The flooring of the central dining area is highlighted with striped tiles on the unpolished stone further adding to the veranda vibe.

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