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Canvas 2022

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Jaquar Group celebrates this year with Canvas 2022 a tastefully curated evening by the artist and for the artist, to celebrate various forms of art and design and to be attended by country’s most prestigious Designers, Developers and Hoteliers on 24th November, 2022 at their Global Headquarters in Manesar.

Art, design, culture, traditions and rituals create a beautiful symphony to tickle the senses. Ever wondered how deep they impact us and help us evolve when blended in an environment which is charged with artists and connoisseurs from different eras and demography?

Canvas is a feeling, a vibe, an emotion, a confluence of ideas, people and their passion. A beautiful melange of experiences, where shades of individuals come together to create a masterpiece.

Jaquar Group inspires people worldwide to rediscover the joys of water and light and fundamentally believes in celebrating the spirit of artists. Our culture, our warmth, our tradition is the source of inspiration to these artists who create this iconic designs. A vision of the artist can be seen by the product he designs.

It is more than what eyes can see and mind can comprehend. A unique inclusive story of poetry, music and culinary delight to be weaved on 24th November,22 at our Headquarters.

The architecture of the evening shall be defined by the legends of their own field. To talk about art of writing Kalaam’s and Poetry, Divya Dutta was in conversation with Padma Bhushan Gulzar Saheb, who recited his work of art. To celebrate another facet of the evening, music, Sufi giants Ustad Puranchand Wadali and Lakhwinder Wadali who have been a strong pillar for the Punjabi music to reach the world stage performed for the guests. The culinary art narrated a story of ‘east meets west’ that has a long-lasting impression on the guest’s palate by one of the most celebrated Indian Chef globally, Chef Manish Mehrotra.

To weave a story for an immersive experience of various art forms during the course of the evening, Rajat Kapoor – an acclaimed writer, actor and director, took the guests through the evening and bind each art form that is showcased and celebrated at Canvas 2022.

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