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Shankranti Home Decor Ideas

The dawn of the New Year always coincides with Shankranti, the first major festival of the year which celebrates the beauty and love of nature, being a harvest festival. The ‘back to roots’ connect that this occasion invokes is a sort of thanksgiving to nature’s bounty and is the perfect time to give your home a spanking new look inspired by the festival. And we tell you exactly how you can do just that. Tradition Beckons When it comes to

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Thogalu Bombe – the art of shadow puppetry

An art form that merges music, performance and puppets, Thogalu Bombeyata is a unique shadow puppet show that is practiced in Karnataka. This folk art has several variations as Sutrada Gombeyata and Yakshagana Bayalata. Basically thogalu means hide of the animal skin and this art form uses special leather puppets to play out scenes from the epics – the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and mythology. In Sutrada Gombeyata, practiced in Southern Mysore, puppets are made from light wood that is rot

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Home decor trends that ruled 2017

As curtains fall on 2017, it is time to look back at the interior trends that the year. From geometric prints, to jewel tones to going artisanal, the year had so many trends that it inspiration was everywhere. Here are some trends that made waves this year. Going Artisanal The craftsmanship and materials with a high level of skill was seen to achieve details. When a piece of furniture is made with so much detail and precision, it instantly adds

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Winter Home Decor Ideas

Do you need an excuse to do up your home? The nip in the air is a clear indication that there is a new season upon us. So why not use this to give your home a winter makeover? If you are wondering how, we tell you how to do it right. Décor Mantras Winters are all about adding that dash of warmth to your homes and carpets do that beautifully. Also using lighting intelligently is a great way to

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Tableware in Homes

A well laid table can be a visual delight – there is certainly no denying that. Very often it is rightly said that you first eat with your eyes and tableware can enhance your dining experience. Tableware trends are changing and it is now becoming an integral part of the dining room décor. Table It Just like you, your home and space has its own personality. While picking table tops, keeping the space in mind becomes essential. For tableware, it

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Kaginele, the birthplace of Kanakadasa

On a recent trip to Haveri district, I was intrigued by a beautiful yellow and pink double arch with a sculpture of Saint Kanaka Dasa and decided to explore more. I was in Kaginele in the Byadagi taluk of Haveri in Karnataka, the birthplace of Kanaka Dasa, a renowned and revered saint belonging to the Kuruba Gowda community. As Kanaka Dasa lived and also and wrote most of his works at Kaginele, the Kaginele Development Authority (KDA) has decided to

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Why Moringa must be part of your diet

The humble drumstick or moringa that is grown so commonly in India has a rather uncommon trait that is being rediscovered slowly but surely. Well this is a super food and a home grown one that has so many health benefits that it packs a solid punch. The Tree of Life As a power packed food, moringa leaves provide nutrients like proteins, vitamins and minerals. The best part is that in India, this is easily available and also economical. With

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Bundi – where walls speak

I am standing at the edge of a road overlooking a sea of blue buildings. The sight unfolding in front of me is ethereal. Beautiful blue painted buildings, an old temple complex and so many architectural details makes me stop my journey and get trigger happy with my camera. I am at Bundi, a small town in Rajasthan known for its miniature paintings and the 14th century Taragarh Fort that houses what can easily be called the best example of

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If there was one festival that is universally loved and most looked forward to it has to be Diwali. The festival of lights is symbolic in more ways than one and most importantly signifies the importance of light, wellbeing and happiness. The five day festivities see many celebrations and traditions and one of the most important days is Dhanteras also called Dhantrayodashi or Dhanvantri Jayanti (the God of Ayurveda). Dhana means wealth and Teras means thirteenth day and this festival

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Festive Makeover for your home

Come October and you know it is the start of a brand new festive season. And being the season of makeovers, your home is a space that must not be forgotten. Also you can just make additions and think out-of-the-box to add that touch of festive fervour to your home decor. Celebratory Cues The festive season is the perfect time to make your house look impressive and give it a lap of luxury. The house should look warm, welcoming and

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