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Media Asset Management

Media asset management (MAM) solutions are a key requirement and challenge as well for contemporary broadcasters as they need to balance faster workflows, greater security and easier access. Business models for broadcasters are not what they used to be. Yesterday’s broadcasters are today’s media companies or content owners and their success depends on uncovering new opportunities and outlets for programming and maximizing distribution. But supporting all these new outlets has been labour intensive and expensive. MAM systems have witnessed a

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Production Monitors

The latest technology developments in production monitors are making them more user-friendly and yet cost-efficient striking the balance to become effective in post-production activities. Imaging professionals in post-production houses involved in digital colour rendering have high expectations from the equipment they use. This is especially true when it comes to their production monitors as these are a must to offer uncompromising colour performance and calibration tools. Product Mix The latest production monitors available to customers include several new aspects like refresh

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Security Solutions in Broadcasting

Safe & Secure With cyber breaches, attacks and theft on the rise, security solutions in the broadcasting world are complex with content being delivered across platforms. Broadcasters and media companies are delivering content across various platforms and are increasingly transitioning towards IP-based delivery services. At the same time, this has made them vulnerable to cyber breaches, attacks and theft. So how are companies safeguarding their networks, protecting their precious systems, data and IPR and customer information from these attacks? Read

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Internet Protocol (IP) in Broadcasting

The fact that the Internet is all pervasive is a given in our life. However Internet Protocol (IP) or the main communications protocol in the Internet protocol suite is the medium that transfers data across network channels. IP is really an enabler of innovation, a component of a technology transformation that opens up the potential for media companies to significantly advance their businesses and better accommodate video consumers of the future. The transition to IP is much more about the

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