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Dark Shades in Home Decor

While most people shy away from incorporating dark shades in their home interiors, it can actually add a touch of class, if you do it right. Colours play an important role in home design and set the tone of its decor. Dark colours can in fact be used intelligently to lend depth and character to a place. Typical home interiors veer towards pastel shades. However, if you are looking to add a zing factor, explore stringer shades like charcoal, deep

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Animal Prints in Home Decor

Animal Instinct Inspired by all things natural, animal prints are making a comeback into home décor and how. Here is a lowdown to infuse life into your interiors. Spotting a tiger in a jungle is always a high. Perhaps it is the allure of the stripes of this magnificent animal that draws you over and again to look for it. Likewise, in the context of a home, animal prints can add that oomph factor that transforms a space from drab

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Statement Storage in Homes

Imagine a home without storage space, wading through a sea of clutter each time you enter the house. Well, the thought itself is scary. However while storage is indispensable in a home, it can actually add to the overall décor of your home. Creativity Matters Having the right ideas and correct furniture can transform the nook into an important part of a home. Ishan Thacker, Associate Director, Vector Projects (I) Pvt. Ltd. says, “if there is a hollow space below

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Home decor – moodier pallettes

Doing up your home in rich colors can add an oomph factor like no other. Adding accents of deep gem tones, shiny metals, velvet upholstery and sleek black and white marbles can give a regal look to your home. Do it Right Moody colour palettes are dark and rich in colour and are ideal for the homes which have good natural lighting. The deeper gem stone colours fall under the rich colour palette; blend well with metallic furniture and accessories.

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Wish List – Mumbai 2018

As the curtains go up on 2018, the dawn of the New Year for realty. This means it’s time to look at what can be done to give Mumbai’s realty a much needed boost. Impact of RERA and REITs As commercial real estate is capital-intensive it is an investment avenue and also the limited investment opportunities with regard to high-grade office assets, real estate investments trust (REITs) seem to be a boon for the Indian real estate sector. “The increased

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Architecture as an USP in luxury realty

A buzz word that has been doing the rounds in the realty sector is ‘luxury’. From over the top features to world class amenities, realtors are pulling out all stops to add the ‘luxe’ factor to their projects. A relatively less publicised element however is the architecture of these buildings. From sky bridges to state of the art building materials to top notch and cutting edge designs, architecture in luxury homes is seeing a revolution of sorts. Design Matters In

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