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Kitchen Equipment in Hotels

As the Food & Beverage function becomes a key revenue driver, hotels are increasingly looking at kitchen equipment that is not just functional but also cost efficient. An important aspect that defines a hotel’s reputation is the kind of food it serves. Naturally, kitchens have become an important area that hoteliers are now focusing upon to ensure that the equipment in these spaces is both effective and efficient. Equipment Matters The kitchen is the centre of the business where the

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Video Surveillance Solutions in Hotels

In January this year, armed thieves stole jewels and other valuables from the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Paris. This brazen heist in one of the world’s most prestigious neighborhoods saw jewellery worth 4.5 million euros being stolen and the police are yet to recover them. This incident has also firmly brought the spotlight on the need for security solutions especially video surveillance. However in the context of hotels, security solutions encompass a gamut of needs from physical safety, safety of

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Rice is Nice – A Hotelier Perspective

A key ingredient and a staple in the kitchen is rice. The amazing variants of rice that are available in the country ensure that there is never a dull moment in hotel kitchens.  Did you know that rice has been cultivated in India since 5000 B.C.? A staple of more than half of the population of the world, rice is a crop that is revered, cultivated and folklore associated with rice actually considers it to be a Gift of the

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Bathroom Decor in Hotels

As spaces that allow guests to relax and rejuvenate, bathrooms have come to occupy an important part of the overall design of a hotel room. In fact hoteliers are investing a lot of time, energy and effort in ensuring that bathrooms are functional and aesthetic at the same time. What do you look for in a hotel room? Well for one a bathroom that is clean and user friendly is sure to earn brownie points. This is exactly why hoteliers are

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Laundry Solutions in Hotels

As a housekeeping function that is of paramount importance, laundry solutions in hotels are an add-on that is of extreme importance. After all, guests would like their clothes to be as clean as possible in as less time as possible. The fine balance of delivering quality and on time is something that the housekeeping department needs to maintain. If you think about it laundry is everywhere in a hotel – from bed sheets, tablecloths, staff uniforms, guest clothes and more.

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Data Security in Hotels

Data Security is an important consideration in today’s times and when it comes to hotels this is an issue that needs to be addressed more diligently considering that this involves guests and their privacy. Have you given a thought to the fact that hotels take so much personal data including your credit card details when you check in? You have probably not. However if you did and the thought of all this data being misused came across your mind, would

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Tableware in Hotels

  Tableware speaks a lot about the restaurant can make an impression of the food even before guests take their first bite. Tableware reflects on the restaurant and should be considered in the overall restaurant design and concept development because presentation matters! “Faced with a choice between the survival of the planet and a new set of matching tableware, most people would choose the tableware.” ~ George Monbiot. Well, there is no other time than now when they words ring

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Kitchen Design in Hotels

Food & Beverage (F&B) is an important revenue driver in hotels and naturally investing in kitchens that are efficient and effective can make or break the food deal for hoteliers. How many times do you step into a hotel because you like the food there? Chances are several times if not always. Hotels are uniquely positioned to prepare and present food like no other thanks to the fact that they have access to sophisticated equipments and cutting edge kitchens. It

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Security Solutions in Hotels

The Novotel Goa Shrem Hotel, part of the Accor Hotels was looking for an intelligent video surveillance solution to efficiently monitor hotel premises and provide an infrastructure to boost staff productivity and improve resource management. The only way to achieve this was through the deployment of an advanced security system supported by cutting-edge products. The hotel deployed varied models of Axis cameras which includes a mix of both indoor and outdoor cameras (AXIS P1354-E, AXIS M3045-V, and AXIS P1405-E). These

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Water Conservation in Hotels & Restaurants

Did you know that Sofitel Mumbai BKC managed to save about 45% water consumption by reducing water consumed from 30500KL in Jan-Apr 2016 to 16556 KL in Jan-Apr 2017? The numbers might sound mind boggling but it is true. In fact this is simply an indicative value of the amount of water a hotel can save by using new age technologies that conserve water. We speak to hoteliers and restaurants to know what measures are being taken to conserve the

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