Renal Health

The vital organ that helps remove waste from the body, control blood pressure and regulate hormones, the kidneys are often not given the importance they deserve. Just like the heart, liver, pancreas, and lungs, kidney health is also important. Kidneys are bean-shaped and reddish-brown in colour about the size of one’s clenched fist. This vital… Read More Renal Health


Vegan and organic food

As vegan and organic food takes centerstage, restaurants are now adopting the trend by offering not just a section of the menu but a whole menu of food that is good for you. Diets once considered alternative are now the norm, so expect to see gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan and Keto options that have become… Read More Vegan and organic food


Art in Co-working Spaces

As co-working spaces evolve, art is taking center stage not just in the design but also as a space for artists to feel inspired. From collaborating with artists to providing a platform for arts, co-working spaces are slowly but surely evolving to become a space that artists love. In fact art also forms an important… Read More Art in Co-working Spaces

The Man

Amari Pattaya

Amari Pattaya reopens with a marvelous transformation and accommodation includes the all-new Amari Suites, and the fully reloaded Amari Tower. A 90 minute drive from the bustling Bangkok airport and the scene changes to all shades of blue as I enter Pattaya. It is probably the endless sight of the ocean that evapourates my travel… Read More Amari Pattaya


Royal Foods of India

India’s regal history has a culinary connection too that is now making a comeback in restaurants that are reviving royal food. It was an unusually cold September morning when I met with Chef Love Mathur at Sunset Terrace the in-house restaurant of the beautiful Fateh Prakash Palace, from the HRH Group of Hotels at Udaipur.… Read More Royal Foods of India