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Aqua Fitness – Floatfit

Aqua workouts are not new but this one is. Speedo India in association with Aquaphysical is now giving fitness enthusiasts, FloatFit, a new way to stay fit. “You are invited to join the water based fitness revolution FloatFit” said an invite in my mail box. What intrigued me was the picture that accompanied the mail where I saw two people exercising on a mat floating on the water. So I made my way to the venue and was surprised that

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Hrithik Roshan’s Fitness Mantras

If there was one actor who could easily claim the title to be being the most fit in Hindi cinema, the hands down winner would have to be Hrithik Roshan. Known for his perfectly chiseled body, there is a lot that goes into what we see on screen. When I catch up with him in person for this exclusive tête-à-tête, I immediately notice a sense of calm on his face. His all white costume however has nothing to do with

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Exploring Singapore

The sobriquet of Little Red Dot may be often associated with Singapore but a visit to this city and country reveals that there is nothing little here. If there was a city that could be described as perfect, Singapore could win hands down and it is no wonder that the Singaporean passport is the most powerful in the world. An aerial view from the flight is the best precursor to what Singapore has in store. The ocean blues, green cover,

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The Truth behind E-Cigarettes

Ankur Walia a Delhi based HR Manager with a media company who has been smoking since 2005, first tried e-cigarettes way back in 2010 as his office was in the 12th floor and the smoking zone on the ground. While he was looking at the convenience factor so he would not have to go down to smoke, it also helped that he could smoke an e-cigarette anywhere even with family. This apart, vapour being lighter than smoke would not settle

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Jabalpur Travel Guide

The name Jabalpur comes from Jabal meaning rock and Pur meaning city. So that means Jabalpur is Rock City. Well until I visited the third largest city in Madhya Pradesh, I had no idea about why the city was called as such but on a recent visit I was surprised to know that this city is home to large marble formations that has earned it this moniker. I start my journey at the famed Balancing Rocks, an eroded volcanic rock

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How to plan the perfect holiday?

Summer is officially here and so are summer holidays, so it’s time to put your travel hat on. But are you all set for your holiday? Well if not here is your guide to plan the perfect holiday. From deciding where to go for a vacation to booking the tickets and choosing the right option for stay are some major things that can make your holiday perfect or a disaster. If any of these go wrong, you might not be

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Animal Flow Workouts

Animal Instinct Did you know that mimicking animal movements is workout that actually augurs well for you? Well if you did not, it is time to start thinking about it. Whether it is in your yoga regimen or gym routine, exercises that mimic animal movements can actually help build your overall fitness. Animal flow workout is on-trend workout style and practiced by people who really want to build strength, boost endurance, increase balance and concentration, improve mobility, burn more calories,

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Summer Spa Retreats

With the summer making an official appearance, the heat is certainly on. And if you are wondering how you can relax this summer and stay haute here are some summer spa treatments that will augur well for you and your skin. Orange facial at Aura, The Park Chennai Rejuvenate the skin by encouraging the shedding of sun damaged skin and the orange facial is citrus rich, a natural source of vitamin C and helps destroy dead skin, while provides a

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Natural Traditional Summer Drinks

Come summer and thirst pangs are unmissable. However if you look back into your childhood, you will remember your mom or grand mom asking you to drink something traditional to prevent dehydration. Incidentally each part of India has its own drink that helps you beat the season’s blues and each of these drinks will help you beat the summer blues the right way. Incidentally, it is quite easy to make most them yourself too. So sit back, chill and raise

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Indoor Rowing for Fitness

Indoor rowing is fast becoming a great choice as far as cardio workouts are concerned because of the holistic benefits and full body workouts that it offers. In fact the charm of rowing is that it is associated with boating – an activity that is most loved when you are outdoors. So indoor rowing really is an enviable combination of fitness and fun. Holistic Regimen Indoor Rowing is becoming popular as a fitness trend primarily as it is the perfect

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