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How to plan the perfect holiday?

Summer is officially here and so are summer holidays, so it’s time to put your travel hat on. But are you all set for your holiday? Well if not here is your guide to plan the perfect holiday. From deciding where to go for a vacation to booking the tickets and choosing the right option for stay are some major things that can make your holiday perfect or a disaster. If any of these go wrong, you might not be

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Animal Flow Workouts

Animal Instinct Did you know that mimicking animal movements is workout that actually augurs well for you? Well if you did not, it is time to start thinking about it. Whether it is in your yoga regimen or gym routine, exercises that mimic animal movements can actually help build your overall fitness. Animal flow workout is on-trend workout style and practiced by people who really want to build strength, boost endurance, increase balance and concentration, improve mobility, burn more calories,

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Summer Spa Retreats

With the summer making an official appearance, the heat is certainly on. And if you are wondering how you can relax this summer and stay haute here are some summer spa treatments that will augur well for you and your skin. Orange facial at Aura, The Park Chennai Rejuvenate the skin by encouraging the shedding of sun damaged skin and the orange facial is citrus rich, a natural source of vitamin C and helps destroy dead skin, while provides a

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Natural Traditional Summer Drinks

Come summer and thirst pangs are unmissable. However if you look back into your childhood, you will remember your mom or grand mom asking you to drink something traditional to prevent dehydration. Incidentally each part of India has its own drink that helps you beat the season’s blues and each of these drinks will help you beat the summer blues the right way. Incidentally, it is quite easy to make most them yourself too. So sit back, chill and raise

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Indoor Rowing for Fitness

Indoor rowing is fast becoming a great choice as far as cardio workouts are concerned because of the holistic benefits and full body workouts that it offers. In fact the charm of rowing is that it is associated with boating – an activity that is most loved when you are outdoors. So indoor rowing really is an enviable combination of fitness and fun. Holistic Regimen Indoor Rowing is becoming popular as a fitness trend primarily as it is the perfect

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Food as Medicine

Do you know that by eating right you can actually control your health to a large extent? Well choosing what you eat has been scientifically proven to alleviate and cure several lifestyle diseases as well. And while the word diet has been long associated with fads and misnomers here are a few that will actually help you cure yourself. DASH Diet DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension and is aimed to lower blood pressure. Today of course its

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Make a new beginning this New Year

Starting a new routine is never easy. Here are some concrete steps that can help you make a healthy shift this coming year. Following a healthy routine is easier said than done. We have often heard that you need to go to bed early, or limit your alcohol intake. And though at the start of every year, we resolve to start a new healthy routine, a handful of us manage to achieve it. A healthy routine is nothing but a

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Sensory Deprivation

‘Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax’ ~ Mark Black In today’s urban chaos that most of us live in, relaxation is a luxury and these words of Mark Black could hardly ring truer. Naturally there are myriad relaxation techniques that are available today. However when I heard about ‘Sensory Deprivation’ my interest was piqued. Imagine this – floating in an enclosed cabin defying gravity. Well, I am not talking through my head. This is quite akin

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Box Your Way to Fitness

It’s a brand new year and also the time when you are looking for new ways to stay fit. Well after all, we all need some motivation to keep the zing alive in our fitness regimen. So this year, why not look at boxing as a way to stay fit? Yes, boxing is ruling the roost as far as new age fitness trends for 2018 are concerned and is now coming out of the ring to a fitness center near

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Israel Travel Guide to the South

Israel – a country whose name evokes emotions galore and innumerable reactions, is still a wonderful revelation when you visit it. Well this is the birth of Jesus Christ and Christianity, is home to Jews and also has an important connection with the Prophet of Mohammed. And no, it is not all about spirituality – well where else would you find a winery in the midst of a desert, see an oasis with fruits and plants, float in a sea,

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