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All About Steel

Steel has always been a popular construction material owing to its many merits, right from its easy availability, speed of assembly, design flexibility, and so on. In fact, the material has recently caught the fancy of many users, who have turned to steel buildings as a safe, low-maintenance and high-quality alternative to traditional construction materials. With pre-fabricated or pre-engineered buildings (PEB), users have the option to explore this material’s many merits. Whether it is airports, large convention centres, ports or

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Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM) refers to a set of technologies that build 3D objects by adding materials layer-upon-layer of different kinds whether metal, concrete or plastic. Using 3D modeling software and machine equipment and layering material, the AM equipment reads in data from the CAD file and adds successive layers to fabricate a 3D object. AM hence includes a combination of Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM), 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping (RP), layered manufacturing and additive fabrication. AM adoption rate is increasing in

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Steel Industry

India is inching closer to becoming the second largest steel producer in the world, according to a recent statement by the Honourable Steel Minister. The New Steel Policy 2017 calls for the domestic industry to double its steel-making capacity to 300 million tonnes by 2030-31. Ratings agency ICRA has said that in the first nine months of FY 2018, steel demand has grown by 5.2%. With so many infrastructure projects in the pipeline all across the country and steady demand

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Moulding Expectations – Die & Mould Feature

The capital goods industry largely believed to be a barometer of a country’s economic growth, has vital support from the die and mould industry. With major global and Indian players ramping up their manufacturing operations within the capital goods industry in India to take advantage of initiatives like Make in India and export to regional markets, the Indian die and mould industry is experiencing a sharp rise in demand pointing towards a significant growth potential in years to come. The

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Steel Industry – A Perspective

With a slew of infrastructure projects and a real estate industry that is looking to revive itself, there has never been a more apt time for the steel industry to revive itself. Having picked itself up from a bad slump post the ceiling on cheap imports, the industry has every reason to be hopeful. While the sentiment is certainly in their favour, steel vendors will also have to invest in developing new kinds of products to meet changing requirements for

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Demolition & Breaking Equipment – A Study

In India, the concept of demolition has gained popularity in the last 10 to 15 years generally in metro cities where availability of land is less, especially in congested and populated areas where old building or structures are demolished or destructed to develop new buildings to get extra height or spread the present construction and get more area or facilities. Demolition also happens in railways, chemical factories, laboratories, nuclear power stations and defense where hazardous materials such as lead, radio-logical,

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Making Supply Chain Management Work

Principle centric supply chain design is critical to ensure greater availability to customers on a sustainable basis. These set of principles should touch each and every element of supply chain management uniformly in order to aid performance of each node in supply chain. Being Effective Effective supply chain management (SCM) is key in any business and having the right tools and procedures help to ensure the availability of your products at the right place and the right time. Again with

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High-speed Machining

The organised sector of the Indian machine tool industry has a come a long way after industrial policies were liberalised in the 1990s. In the last decade or so, with new technocrats emerging, the industry has witnessed many small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) replacing the space vacated by the shrinking of public sector ones or downsizing of big companies. The result is a more consolidated industry that is driven by cut-throat competition and a focus on technology. The challenge before

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Tech Push for the Manufacturing Industry

An entire manufacturing process has many activities and operations that should ideally be monitored and controlled at several levels of pre-, during- and post-production. A modern manufacturing system has to be able to adapt to quick internal and external changes. To this end, a variety of successful models and control techniques have been developed in the last few years, which are based on the principles and tools of information technology (IT) and management science. At the technological level the current

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New Age Generators

Rapid industrialisation is boosting the demand for diesel and gas generators. Diesel backup generators offer a lifeline in times of crisis. Considering the regular power outages in India, it poses hazards to public health and safety as critical services come to an operational halt. Blackouts in industrial areas can increase the risks to business operations, which may result in downtime and loss of revenue due to failure to carry out regular operations. In times of power outages due to grid

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