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Fitness Resolutions for 2018

As we are all set to welcome the New Year, it is also the time to reset your fitness goals for 2018. A New Year is a great time to take fitness resolutions that will keep you fighting fit through the year. And that is a great way to start the year on a positive note. We speak to experts to help you make the right resolutions this New Year. Choose a fitness activity you love and do it consistently

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Flying High with Audrey Deepika Maben

Motorglider which will be flown by Capt Maben Growing up, as an avid reader, a story that fascinated me was Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days. Perhaps it was the notion of being able to travel the entire world in a finite duration that caught my fancy back then. Naturally when I got a call recently saying a woman was attempting a trip around the world in 80 days, in a micro flight, my interest was piqued and

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Healthy Festive Indulgences

‘Tis the season – the festivals are here and with them come good food – well read that as rich food, sweets and more. And yes, piling up on unwanted calories. So how do you enjoy the festival while still not missing the fun and yet have good food? Sounds complex? Well it’s not – healthy food need not be boring. All you need is to choose wisely and here’s how. Twist of Health In India, festivals are all about

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Demystifying Fibromyalgia

“I feel tired all the time” is a phrase that is oft repeated. While it may seem quite innocuous on the surface, there probably could be a deeper issue that needs to be understood. In fact this could be a condition called fibromyalgia, a widespread pain that can affect any part of the body. It is commonly associated with pain, headache, anxiety, stiffness, tender points and sleep disturbances. So how do you help yourself? Read on to understand more. The

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How to Have a Budget Wedding?

When Everol Dsouza and Merlyn Fernandes decided to get married, they were clear that they had a budget to stick to and ensured that they planned everything to the tee and executed the same meticulously. You can too, as otherwise weddings can burn a big hole in your pocket and most of it may be wasteful in retrospect. If you are concerned, fret not and read on. Plan Right Indian weddings are known for their pomp and show, well we

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Pocket Friendly Indulgences

How often have you been horrified looking at your credit card bill courtesy your shopping, eating and beauty regimen indulgences? Chances are every time. However if this has been worrying you, fret not, help is at hand. We tell you how you can indulge and still not burn a hole in your pocket. Fitness Staying fit is something that is a no brainer. However, most traditional options like gymming and yoga can cause a dent in your finances. With new

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Natural Home Remedies

The old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ is one that is more relevant in today’s days and times where lifestyle diseases rule the roost. This also aligns with The National Health Policy where specific emphasis is placed on preventive healthcare. Here are some common issues being faced by people today and how you can beat them – naturally! Hepatitis Basically there are four types of hepatitis A, B, C, and E and this occurs due to the infection of

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Monsoon Eating Mantras

With the heat finally relenting after an arduous summer, you may be heaving a sigh of relief quite predictable; but the new season brings with it new challenges, especially with food. Monsoons can be a nightmare when it comes to eating healthy and staying fit. So what do you eat and what do you not? Also, how do you ensure your children are eating right? If you have these questions, fret not, experts tell you how you can stay cool

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The Beginner’s Diet Guidebook

If there is one word that can evoke strong reactions – negative or positive it has to be diet. While so much has been said about diets and dieting plans, the first time dieter is still confused and has many questions. We speak to some experts to get their take on what is the best way to start a diet. Address the Cause People gain weight because of internal issues like thyroid imbalances, hormonal fluctuations, water retention and metabolic disorders

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PCOS/PCOD – an essential guide

A study conducted by Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, AIIMS shows that about 20-25% of Indian women of childbearing age are suffering from PCOS. While 60% of women with PCOS are obese, 35-50% have fatty liver, 70% have insulin resistance and 60-70% have high level of androgen and 40- 60% have glucose intolerance. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or Polycystic ovary disorder (PCOD) is generally a lifestyle disorder due to improper living style habits and has no cure. However you can

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