Stories in The Hindu

Oman’s Wadi Shab and Bimmah Sinkhole

With a coastline that extends over 3000 kilometres, Oman is quite a revelation when it comes to comparing it with its other Middle Eastern neighbours. Middle Eastern mythology says that Sinbad the Sailor was born in Oman and he set sail on his legendary voyages from Sohar, a maritime port in the northern part of the country. On a recent visit to the Oman I decided to explore the water based secrets that this country has and accordingly planned a

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Stories in The Hindu Newspaper

The Hindu is among India’s oldest newspapers. Here are my stories in The Hindu and The Hindu Business Plus. Education: The IB Program Getting Ready to be a media professional Commodity Market courses Cost effective e-learning Being a good radio jockey Insurance as a career Clinical research Education Loans Corporate Educational Courses NIS Courses Executive MBA Retail Education Resolving Conflicts Tata Steel’s Educational Support E-learning Distance Learning The Right Personality Corporate Education Accessing college remotely Distance Education Mobile MBA Interview

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