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Celibacy – the next dating trend?

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Life after COVID-19 has changed forever, so much to the extent that there is talk of celibacy becoming the next dating trend.

The celibacy trend has been cyclic, yet we are back to it again because life has taken a new trajectory, one very unpredictable yet unexpected.

In modern age, there is a great influence of social media, where a dating app is available at our fingertips. But today, people have started to take a pause from the fast-moving life and relationships, and engage in celibacy, which is emerging as a dating and wellness trend.

In an ever-changing world, unprecedented events like the coronavirus have been an eye opener getting celibacy back on the list of trends.

People who choose to live a celibacy lifestyle may discover that not having sex is beneficial to their mental health.

Celibacy is not just sexual detoxification, but an emotional detox as well. Being single and celibate is not boring and is a journey of soulful self-discovery. Going very well with the ‘new normal’ juncture, abstinence means waiting for the correct person and the moment when intimacy is about complete emotional surrender. Celibacy that is a result of a deep sense of acceptance of yourself and a feeling of joyfulness even when lonely is not a forced abstinence, it cannot even be called abstinence, it’s just that the desire or thought for sex doesn’t arise right now.

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