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CGH Mantra Koodam

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A visit to CGH Mantra Koodam in Kumbakonam offers the rare opportunity to explore art, culture, history, spirituality and cuisine all in one place.

A serene getaway, Mantra Koodam is the best way to see the temple town of Kumbakonam. Whether you want to take a refreshing dip into the crystal blue waters of the swimming pool, or cycle around the village or take a bullock cart ride across Veppathur village, this is where you can do it all.

You can also drop in at the potter’s studio in house and try your hand on the pottery wheel under his expert guidance. Visit the local Pattu Silk weaver’s house, a Kalamkari artist’s abode and the many temples that dot the region. You can also witness ‘Sthapatis’ at work in their workshop – master craftsmen moulding bronze sculptures using the ancient ‘Lost Wax’ technique. Another must-visit is the wood carving workshop, where gigantic and majestic chariots are being hand-crafted for festive processions. Do make sure to visit the Great Living Chola temples as well.

The living spaces at Mantra Koodam offer an experience of the rare simplicity of village life alongside the historic opulence of South India’s regal past. There are three types of cottages– the Mantra Cottage, the Mantra Illam and the spacious Pannaiyar Illam, each of them echoing the spirit of the Tamizh culture.

Mantra Koodam brings the distinctive taste of the Cholanadu cuisine. For food lovers, the chef’s special ‘Maharaja Thali’ is a must try – a congregation of 17 flavoursome dishes in one magnificent platter – each element offering a gastronomical surprise.

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