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Chaat Recipes with a twist

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A quintessential Indian snack, chaat is a winner hands down and the variations across the country make it a palate pleaser.

If there is one dish that no one can say no to, it is chaat. With its unique mix of flavours from spicy, tangy, and sweet with varied toppings, chaat has evolved and how. We list some recipes that you can make, some of which have interesting twists as well.

Healthy Mixed Milled Bhel
Healthy Mixed Milled Bhel

Here are a collection of some interesting recipes that are an ode to the diversity of this ingredient:

  • Aloo Tokri Chaat (courtesy Subrat Kundu, Sous Chef, Grace, Kolkata Centre for Creativity)
  • Healthy Mixed Milled Bhel (courtesy Chef Harsh Shodhan, The Gourmet Kitchen & Studio)
  • Lotus Stem Chaat (courtesy Tanvi Chandan, Chef and owner, The Pineapple Inc.)
  • Crispy Beetroot and carrot patty chaat (courtesy Chef Akshat Parihar)
  • Masaledar Papdi Chaat (Courtesy 62 Vegan Street)

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