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Cladding in Architecture

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Adding a unique appeal to the face value of a building, cladding solutions achieve more than just giving an aesthetic facelift.

Cladding is used for different purposes, including creating a control inside the environment, securing the building from outside climatic conditions, avoiding the transmission of sound, giving thermal insulation, and making strides appearance of buildings.

Cladding courtesy Orientbell Tiles
Cladding courtesy Orientbell Tiles

Materials like terracotta that has an earthy look, is 100% natural and fire resistant is mostly found in heritage buildings is making a comeback. Stone and ceramic tiles are an eco-friendly material that gives an earthy look and one that is also easily available is a common material for cladding. High-Pressure Laminates (HPL), a material that has a wood look is easy to install and its material is mass-produced is popular too.

The cladding space is filled with brilliant new ideas and products that have taken the whole cladding industry by storm. Customers have become more mindful when it comes to selecting things for their houses both for interiors as well as exteriors.

New research on nano materials, biomaterials, and smart compounds that mimic natural nano structures and processes is being tried almost every day within radical technologies.

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