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Compassion Circles in Bangalore

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Compassion and gratitude circles in the city are ensuring that you have an avenue where people come together.

Human Connect

Awakin is a fully volunteer run operation where hosts open up their homes for an evening of silence and community. This circle is a space for people to come together and share in a context of community and service. There is no cost to attend, nor any solicitations or agenda. These circles are completely offered as gifts in the spirit of service. You can connect directly with Bangalore hosts by writing them through the Awakin Bangalore page.


Healing Hands

The Circle of Healing Storytelling emerged from a conversation with Lakshmi Subodh of Atta Galatta. The vision is to create an inclusive space for people where we take care of each other and our collective wellbeing. Sowmya Srinivasan conducts these sessions gaining insights through the story and the telling of the story. Introspecting on the personal connection and meaning they make of a story is a key feature of this circle. This process is called Personal meaning-making where they view the metaphors within traditional stories, myths or folktales and what all can make of it at this point in their lives. The circle happens every second Thursday of the month at Atta Galatta, at 6.45 pm, and people over 16 years and above can attend. Tickets are priced at Rs 150/- per head. The next events are scheduled on April 9th and May 14th.

Contact: Sowmya Srinivasan on 97315 70615 or

Urban Solace
Urban Solace

An Earful

Take 2 @ Urban Solace is one of the newest experiences in the cafe and is built around the premise and promise that we live times when there are as many challenges as there are opportunities. Most people want to have more choice and more context around what they need from life and hence it is necessary to review life from a different perspective. This is where “The Conversation Circle” can help. This is a group of people with similar questions come together and speak about how they can live fuller and better lives by being more conscious and attentive. This circle helps them evaluate their minds to help them work towards achieving what they aspire and dream to be. Take 2 @ Urban Solace is held on every last Saturday of the month from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm.



Lahe Lahe Wellbeing hosts a ‘Lets Exhale Meetup’ a platform to acknowledge all those pushed aside, unspoken issues. Facilitated by Mansee Dabral, Co-Founder of Lahe Lahe Well-being, Let’s Exhale is a unique meet up which encourages you to join in every month on fresh issues for personal wellbeing. Every meetup will be about a new issue that will be addressed and heard say for example Relationship Detox or Self Criticism. If the subject matter has a resonance in your soul or you know someone who is facing something similar this circle will help you with  collective group energy to make you deal with the situation in a better way. The sessions cost Rs. 300 per participant and anyone can sign up.


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