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Conrad Spa Review

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A session at Conrad Spa is all about relaxing in luxurious setting that will ensure you can rejuvenate and detox.

Located on the third level of the plus Conrad Bengaluru is a wellness floor that has a fitness center and swimming pool as well as a yoga pavilion. However when you enter the floor it is the unmissable aroma of essential oils that envelops the space that attracts you towards the spa.

I am welcomed at the reception by Spa Manager Mahesh who immediately shows me to the relaxation area. Large comfortable seating in navy blue upholstery and curtains that separate the seats allow for privacy and calm. I am given a consultation form to fill which asks questions on basic health, kind of pressure and even if I am comfortable doing a massage in the chest area. I am impressed with the attention to detail and thoughtfulness and my therapist Linda from Manipur meets me with detox water. A mix of beetroot, ginger, lemongrass and Himalayan pink salt this drink is aimed to cleanse the body. The spa décor is in muted tones of cream and beige and the spa menu is like a book with various sections. Under the ‘Essentially You’ section there are a collection of treatments that rejuvenate your mind and body with technologically advanced elements. ‘Perfectly You’ has a selection of treatments that combine time, technology and organic treatments perfectly. ‘Beyond Perfection’ has innovative treatments tailored to meet what you need. The ‘Conrad Bengaluru Signature Treatments’ are a collection of treatments that are inspired by local techniques, culture and surroundings. The spa has a unique ice fountain that dispenses ice which helps to close pores after a sauna session.

Conrad Spa
Conrad Spa

And as I was flitting through the menu, unable to decide which treatment to try, Mahesh asks me a few questions and suggests I try the Swedish massage based on my answers. With that sorted, Linda shows me the treatment room and asks me to change my clothes. Once am done she comes in and starts with a foot ritual. My feet are dipped in an urli with warm water into which Himalayan pink salt is added. She scrubs my feet and pats it dry and asks me to lie face down on the massage table. A small pillow is placed below my legs and I am fully covered with a thin cotton bedsheet. The spa bed itself is warm and I find out that it is heated and is very comforting. Using lavender oil, she starts with a back massage, applying the right pressure with her deft palms and eases out all the stress and tension from the back. Then she massages each of my legs individually and then massages my hands as well. After each part is massaged she covers it back with a sheet and also does a small dry massage. Once I am asked to turn over, I am given a head support and an eye mask is placed on my eyes. Starting with the leg massage, Linda ensures that my thighs are relaxed and feel light. She then massages my hands and then removes the eye mask to massage my face and then my head. The pressure used throughout the massage is uniform, firm never once feeling too heavy and ensures that I am at ease. At the end of the session she uses a warm towel to wipe my feet dry of any traces of oil. I am then asked to take steam for a few minutes and then head to shower. Once done I feel relaxed and rejuvenated and this spa experience is certainly one not to be missed. A warm herbal tea at the end of the session is another highlight. So do not forget to make your appointment at Conrad Spa the next time you are in Bengaluru. It’s exactly what you need.

Fact File

Address: 25/3 Kensington Road, Off M.G Road, Ulsoor, Bengaluru – 560008
Timings: 09.00 AM – 12.00 Midnight
Contact: 080 2214 4444

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