Conserving Corals

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Coastal Impact, a non-government organisation in Goa, has just completed a coral micro-fragmentation transplantation project that seeks to rejuvenate coral reefs.

Coastal Impact is an organization that works on marine conservation, education and research; studies and monitors Goa’s marine ecosystems, spreads awareness; and initiates research and conservation actions. It also helps build interest and engagement amongst local communities and visitors about Goa’s extraordinary marine ecosystems.

Among the most diverse ecosystems in the world, coral reefs have seen a rapid decline in the last few decades. The coral cover that had already taken a very bad beating because of global warming, took another hit in April and May 2020. About 80 to 90% of the corals in Goa were bleached. Bleaching causes the corals to become white as algae is flushed outside but the coral is still alive – barely.

The team is also starting a Citizen Science Program named Marine Monitors where divers will be taken to conduct surveys on the transplantation sites and taught the techniques in maintenance, monitoring and fresh transplantation of corals. In addition, they would also conduct biodiversity surveys and monitor fish stocks which will assist in regular and long-term collection of data, and the uploading of the data onto web-based databases.

Read the full story that first appeared in Wildwatch here:

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