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Control Food Waste

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Food that is binned is becoming a serious cause for concern in India even as COVID-19 puts the brakes on access to food.

Growing up, food was always important and meant to be conserved. In fact, my father had taught me exactly how to ensure I empty the entire contents of any food from a packet to a container. It was a given that food in all forms was to be used judiciously. Today however, in the fast-paced age of online deliveries and food at a click, this is something that has flown out of the window in many homes.

Pomelo Fruit
Pomelo Fruit

Being mindful about food was a given when I was growing up and it food wastage was unthinkable. However, with time, wasting food has become more common place and many households do not think twice about binning unused food.

Read this article that first appeared in Deccan Chronicle dated Jun 23, 2021 here to understand how you can save food:

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