Coral Cues – The Pantone Colour in Home Decor

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The newest Pantone colour of the year Living Coral swathes homes in all its shades to give it a swanky makeover.

It’s a brand new year and why not give your home a new look? And inspiration from Living Coral is the perfect excuse to do the same. This is an incredibly versatile shade that has a palette ranging from pastel blush to earthy terracotta shades that is sure to add a zing to home interiors.

Courtesy: V Living
Courtesy: V Living

Versatility Vibe

Interestingly the Living Coral shade is for everyone – from those who enjoy minimalist Scandinavian home styling to those who love the maximalist trend with an urban jungle vibe. “The easiest way to introduce it into your home is through a few throw pillows on the couch, a cosy bedspread or curtains. Those feeling bold can go all out with an accent wall painted in the hue or a couch too,” says Vaishali Sinha, Founder, V Living. Scientifically proven according to the Pantone Institute “the colour symbolizes our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits, embodying our desire for playful expression.” Kuntal Aggarwal, Founder & Design Head, Resaiki Interiors avers, “some of the specific ways in which this trend can be done right are adding this trending color in small portions of your space, so that the whole space does not seem boring in a while with coral furniture or the textiles, thus making your space have just the apt amount of wow factor to the space to be the center of conversations.”

Courtesy: V Living
Courtesy: V Living

Furnish Fit

Textile in coral is the easiest way to incorporate this trendy shade into your home decor. Pillow cases, bedding, curtains, rugs will easily refresh the space without breaking your budget. According to Namit Ajmani, MD, IOTA Boutique Furniture, “a large piece of statement furniture like sofa or bed can solve the purpose of adding coral without getting over do about it. Keep your statement piece against a neutral backdrop and it will create a huge impact rather than repeating the colour with multiple, smaller accessories. Accent table, corner lamps and wall arts are the other examples that can be added to remain trendy.”

Courtesy: V Living
Courtesy: V Living

Mix it Up

The bright, pinky-orange is certainly a fun, warm and a poppy colour choice. Living Coral in its soothing pastel shades pairs very well with mint greens, greys, whites and powder blues. “Whereas in its rich terracotta hue it looks fantastic with tropical palettes and is mesmerizing with deep greens. It is a fantastic colour to team with the urban jungle trend of cactus and monstera that have taken over the home décor space by storm,” adds Sinha. Natascha Tate, In-house Stylist, LimeRoad avers, “we see a lot more of these pastel warm colours these days that are easily combined to create beautiful mixes. I would suggest placing it next to green shades or tanned tones. It is always good to see lively colours, this living coral is like breathing fresh of happiness in interiors. Coral could be used as a nice contrasting colour on accessories or woodwork.”

Courtesy: Resaiki Interiors
Courtesy: Resaiki Interiors

Décor Details

Coral walls are a great way to brighten up space, you may go for a single statement wall or for several walls in your room. Wall coloured in coral will create cheerful aura inside the house or will work as a contrasting shade to other bold tones. One should try coral wallpapers with various prints, also you can opt for coral tiles in your bathroom- do not deprive of this trendy shade. “Getting coral shade furniture will be a much easier way to go with the trend. Cabinets, tables, ottomans, chairs, sofas in coral shade will instantly raise the style quotient of the space making it trendier by adding a colourful touch,” says Tate. You can also experiment with your walls with this colour. Go for a single statement wall in coral. “Tiled, painted or wallpapered, it is always great to add texture to your living space and what better colour to set it in than Living coral. Don’t forget, Living Coral is meant to be a happy, warm colour so throw in a few frames with your favourite family photos to add a fun element to your space,” advices Nagabhushan Hegde, Head of Design, Script, Godrej & Boyce. So get ready to paint your home in all shades of coral.

Courtesy: Resaiki Interiors
Courtesy: Resaiki Interiors


  • A jaal print coral cushion and a floral arrangement in coral will add a trendy feel to the space.
  • Area rugs are a great way to add colour, and this one has cream to soothe the look.
  • Accent your living room with coral sitting corner in an all-coral cushion, bolster set.
  • To make the colour stand out more, pick any statement furniture in that very colour.
  • Adding living coral cabinets in the shade will make the kitchen look grandeur and stylish.

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