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Cosmic Decor

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Look up for décor inspiration and your home is sure to have a dreamy makeover.

Adding cosmic elements into a home can be done in many ways and the sky is the limit quite literally. An effective way is to add elements as part of ceiling lighting. The combination of cove strip lighting and LED white lights are some of the simplest and best ways to create a cosmic setting within interiors. “LED lights can be splattered all across the ceiling of a room, which would give it an appearance of stars glazing across a dark sky. Glossy black laminate could be used for serving as a base material supporting these lights. Crystal beaded, star-shaped or round glazed pendant lights will give your interiors the right amount of drama and depth to your interiors. Wallpapers with cosmic prints can also be selected to accentuate the cosmic factor in your interiors. Opting for white, grey or black tiles that have cosmic prints on it, which are star or moon shapes in metallic colours would act as a sweet treat to your eyes and also, give your back splashes, bathroom walls or flooring an appearance that is inspired by the galaxy,” says Abraham Santosh, Head Designer, Elegancia.

If you are going in for bold walls then you may soften the furniture and décor to give focus to the wall and if you have bold objects in cosmic style, then carefully mute the walls down to have a trendy design. Priyanka Mehra, Principal Architect, PS Design adds, “often the base of cosmic inspired home decor is black based and that can be overwhelming. A dark blue might work better in case you want to stay away from black and it is about mixing high impact metallic shades and glossy surfaces.”


  • Experimentation is key and this style of interior design can use as much innovate, quirky methods to work with cosmic.
  • Play with as much dark shades of colours that represent cosmic as the non-rigidity towards colours will give your home’s the right, organic match.
  • Do not mix-and-match your interiors with multiple forms and shapes of planets, moons and/or stars all together as this would overcrowd the space.
  • Avoid using bulky lights or bold patterns in a small- sized room as this would narrow it down even further.

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