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Cover Acne with Makeup

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Acne and skin breakouts often happen when you need to attend an important event and that can always be a dampener, but not anymore.

It is quite possible to conceal these acne lesions and breakouts with make up application under dire consequences.

But before you dash to the cosmetics aisle, bear in mind that if you frequently break out, you’ll want to avoid using specific substances.

Before applying makeup, it is advisable that you first cleanse your skin with a mild cleanser. Any topical acne medications, whether they are over-the-counter or prescribed, should be used before sunscreen or makeup.

Cleanse any sore or swollen areas as well. Just be cautious when washing to prevent aggravating those areas. Avoid harsh skin rubbing, especially with a washcloth, and stay away from cleansers that may contain substances that are irritating or drying, including alcohol.

Speaking of cleanliness, avoid contaminating angry acne or your pores by applying makeup with clean hands or a clean sponge

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