Cruising with the Mariner of the Seas

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One of my earliest experiential travel stories was about cruising as an option for honeymooners. I distinctly remember that I had got in touch with several cruise companies including Royal Caribbean for the same. And many years later, I got an opportunity to take my first cruise with Royal Caribbean courtesy Singapore Tourism Board and Tirun Travel Marketing!


Getting Ready

After exploring Singapore’s vibrant food scene and enviable sights, I was looking forward to boarding my cruise at Marina Bay Cruise Centre (MBBC), said to be one of Asia’s busiest and largest cruise terminals. Do note that you will need to do an online check-in into the ship in advance and this closes 72 hours prior to your boarding the ship. You will receive a SetSail pass at the end of the process that you will need to print out and carry with you along with your passport to save time from filling long forms while you board the ship. To ensure you can embark without hiccups ensure that you carry regular suitcases for checkin as backpacks and irregular shaped bags are not allowed for checkin and you will need to lug your bag. If you arrive at the port of departure at least 2 hours prior to ship sailing time, you will have enough time. Remember also not to carry any dairy products, raw grocery and opened snacks in your bags as Public health and Safety guidelines on board prohibit these items. The checkin formalities are a little long but you are directed at each stage and finally your passport is taken from you (so do not panic, this is normal) and you are given a Sea Pass Card. This card is not just your room key card but also what you can use to make purchases on board as well as the place where your on board ship credit is stored. So take care of it and ensure you