Crystal Gazing – Apparel Trends 2021

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The apparel trends of the year 2021 against the backdrop of the pandemic will be about sustainability and comfort.

As the curtains fall on the most challenging years, 2020, it is time to look ahead to 2021 and speak to experts in the apparel industry to take us through the trends to look forward to in the New Year.

Solids Blue Supima_Women
Solids Blue Supima_Women

Illuminating Yellow is one of Pantone’s 2021 colours of the year that has a bright yellow hue and signifies sunshine, hope and optimism for 2021 after a year full of uncertainty.

Oversized and comfy trousers/pants will be the go-to outfit in 2021. Baggy clothing that is inspired by the Japanese streetwear is more of a relaxed aesthetic that is expected to trend.

Sorbet pastel tones will make a fresh comeback offering a positive vibe to the season.

From dramatic sleeves and ruffles to polka dots and crochet, many of the 2021 styles would be inspired by the 60s, 70s and 80s.


Athleisure and comfort wear will still be preferred whereas formal attire and luxury clothing will be less preferred for the time being.

The pandemic has thrown light upon the urgent need for consumers as well as organizations to focus on sustainable choices, products and processes.

A major shift of the offline demand went online. There is a growing demand for casual wear and loungewear since people want to be comfortable at home or even while stepping out. ‘Vocal for local’ and ‘Support homegrown labels’ will be the new reality.

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