Customs Museum Goa

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One might be familiar with the Customs counters at international airports but a museum that is dedicated to the department is as intriguing as it is interesting.

Taking a walk in Panjim, after a tour of Fontainhas, I was admiring the architecture of the buildings here when I spotted a sign that read Customs Museum.

Exhibit at Goa's Customs Museum
Exhibit at Goa’s Customs Museum

I discovered much later that this was a gem hiding in plain sight. The Indian customs and the central excise museum in Goa is a one of its kind space that offers interesting insights into the world of smugglers and customs authorities.

Divided into galleries there is the ‘Battles of Wits’ gallery, the ‘Seizure Gallery’, Heritage Gallery and more all of which takes you into the fascinating world of customs and how smugglers try to evade them.

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