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Rohini Rajagopal, a certified professional organizer and founder Organise With Ease is helping cleanup and make place in a variety of spaces.

A well-organized space where things are clean and organized is not just a way of methodical living but also gives positive energy that augurs well for mental health too. However, we are all guilty of hoarding and unconsciously slipping into a world of clutter. But, wait, help is handy. Read on to know more.

Rohini Rajagopal
Rohini Rajagopal

It was during one of her summer vacations when she was visiting her cousin, that Rohini Rajagopal’s aunt gave her what she calls her ‘first job’. Her aunt asked her to organize her cousin’s wardrobe and once she did it, she realized that tidying up spaces and having a clean space was inborn. “That is when I read up about Marie Kondo and her work to realize that this actually is a profession and people abroad are offering this as a service.” Having studied in Bangalore and then in Chandigarh where she did her graduation, she started her career with an event management company. Then she moved to a full-fledged marketing role and worked in companies like Red Bull, Tommy Hilfiger and Palladium, a luxury mall in Bombay.

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