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Dandi Kutir

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Spread over three floors the Dandi Kutir is a tech savvy space dedicated to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

As I was staying at The Leela Gandhinagar, I had a great view of the space from my room which I learnt was a new age museum with a tech twist.

The three floors are dedicated to Gandhi Childhood & Education, his journey from an English Gentleman to Satyagrahi Gandhi and Gandhi in India and the Freedom Movement.

Satyagraha March, Dandi Kutir
Satyagraha March, Dandi Kutir

Dandi Kutir – The Gandhi Museum has a shell that is a giant replica of Salt Mound. The journey of Mohandas to Mahatma is spread in the large Salt Mound structure. Structured in 90 diameters. with 10,700 Square meters of permanent museum area and 1,900 Square meters of Temporary Exhibits, it raises new dialogues around a towering global figure. It also encourages multiple activities to happen simultaneously.

The galleries at different levels use techniques like 3D Mapping Technology, 360-degree projections, 3D Holograph Technology, LED screens, Interactive audio, Photographs to showcase the biography of the Mahatma.

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