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David Belo and Naviluna Chocolates

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Mysuru’s homegrown brand of Naviluna Chocolates is a bean to bar chocolate brand that is making waves across the country.

As the first bean-to-bar chocolate house in India and the first in the world to use Indian origin cacao exclusively, Naviluna’s approach to the craft of chocolate making is very much terroir-centric in an attempt to showcase the wealth and diversity of the subcontinent. 

Founded by David Belo, the brand has recently opened its café in the heart of Mysuru in a restored heritage building.

Naviluna Cafe in Mysuru
Naviluna Cafe in Mysuru

With an interesting mix of flavours that make these chocolates interesting, the brand is making inroads into other cities soon and has plans to take it abroad as well in the course of time.

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