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Decoding Relationship Signs

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There are many things that happen between couples that are normal but are perceived as toxic, so where do you draw the line?

Couple relationships can be complex and when you look at it as an outsider, there could be many things that can be construed as problem areas when they are normal.

Two individuals can never be the same. In every relationship, there are differences and disagreements which sometimes lead to arguments or conflict. Arguments are not a bad thing. They can be healthy and helpful for a relationship.

One of the abilities which suggest stability and commitment in a relationship is the ability of the couple to discuss and resolve interpersonal conflicts in a mutually agreeable and workable manner.

In modern times where gender roles have become dynamic and do not sit within the defined boundaries of rudimentary social constructs, the rules of the relationship are changing too.

You may not always feel good about your partner. Conflict, misunderstandings or feeling hurt are normal in every relationship.

Relationships are complicated, delicate and one should be sensitive to know what to acknowledge and what to ignore.

Signs that are normal and perceived as toxic include:

  • Having Arguments
  • Not sorting a fight before sleeping
  • Not sharing work equally
  • Having negative feelings for some aspects of your partner
  • Making compromises

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