Diamond Trends 2017

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azure-diamond-jhumka-gold (1)“Diamonds have an image of purity and light. They are given as a pledge of love and worn as a symbol of commitment” ~ Peter Singer

Reflect on Peter’s words and you will realise that probably it has never been more relevant than today. With notions of jewellery changing to become occasion and event based, a natural choice to commemorate important events are diamonds. And while diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, today that girl is self reliant to buy them for herself. The millennia woman is someone who has a mind of her own and naturally today there is a focus on ethically sourced diamonds and diamonds that have a story to tell. Increasingly, diamonds are becoming a key design inspiration for designers and fashionistas the world over. Ace fashion designers Bibhu Mohapatra and Sabyasachi Mukherjee have recently launched their collections in association with Forevermark as well. Well, it is hard to dispute the fact that diamonds can help you make a statement wherever you go; and is a favourite everywhere including the Oscar red carpet!

In Tune With Trends

Diamonds are becoming a sense of self expression for women and young consumers especially in India are interested in jewellery that can be part of their everyday life and designs are becoming more much more wearable and also are becoming multipurpose as well. Also the millennial women in the workforce have different needs and jewellery needs to have the ability to be more adaptable. So an earring can be a simple stud in the morning and drop down to become a dangling one for the evening. As a counterpoint to declarative statements, jewellery that is intensely personal, and understood only by its wearer will also be a key trend in 2017. “Fancy Forevermark diamond shapes – princess, marquise and pear denote a particular personal sentiment in a stunning line of diamond charms on a bracelet; layers of stackable Forevermark diamond rings lovingly collected over time and worn together tell a story about our life, or display our unique taste,” says Federica Imperiali, Forevermark’s Trend Expert and Head of New Product Development in Milan. The key aspect is that diamonds are moving away from the vault and finding place in the cupboard. “Tradition is still deep rooted and the mangalsutra for instance is seeing a revival with diamonds. Likewise, our Capricci Nose Pin Collection with seven interchangeable jackets is a reflection of this exact sentiment,” says Sachin Jain, President Forevermark India.


Ready For The Season

Forevermark’s Trend Report for 2017 developed at Forevermark’s Design and Innovation Centre in Milan has identified four key themes for the year ahead. Now and Forever celebrates cherished milestones and reinventing classic styles is the best way to understand this trend. Also if you are looking to make a commitment to a loved one, choose diamonds to seal the deal! The theme of Nature’s Beauty has at its heart the intent to give back to nature by sourcing responsibly. Designs inspired by nature – birds, butterflies, flowers, the sun, moon and more studded with diamonds can never go wrong. As far as Autumn/Winter trends are concerned, the Geo-Deco trend is a fusion of influences ranging from stylised motifs of diverse crafts including antique decorative textiles, repetitive prints and abstract ceramic markings. And the last trend Declarations is simply a way to convey a message and it is here that your individuality will shine through! Ashwini Oza – Design Head – Arnav says “polki and rosecut diamonds set in heritage styles are very popular among brides. Diamond choker’s, cocktail rings and trendy oversized earrings are popular as statement pieces.”  So are you ready to make a mark? Well, sparkle on the diamond way!

This story appeared in the August 5, 2017 of Deccan Herald Living here.

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