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Diversity Equity Inclusion in Workplace Design

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Leading and disrupting design concepts, focus on new learnings, importance of being flexible and optimistic are the new dynamics of workplace design.

The evolution of office design has seen several kinds of design elements resurface, be repurposed, and later be disrupted. From cubicles to virtual offices and casual offices to alternate work settings, this is a space that has seen much activity through the decades.

Today the conversation of office space is moving to people space and the design includes aspects of adaptability, fluidity, experience, wellbeing, technology, and tools. Shared experiences, community spaces, trust and value creation and a whole new appreciation for being together and a renewed sense of community in a hybrid work environment are driving today’s new age workspaces.

If there has been one episode that has changed workplace design, it is the COVID-19 pandemic. As the nature of business is changing, mapping answers to understand needs around innovation and execution that translate to physical collaboration and flexible spaces is the need of the hour. Hybrid and flexible work require new types of technology and behavioural change and pilot opportunities.

As office spaces change to become diverse, equitable and inclusive, there is an urgent need that the design speaks the same language.The dynamics of workplace design have always been fluid. The new trends of diversity and equality have added a dimension of the human element as well which augurs well for the design space as such.

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