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DJ Perch in Bengaluru

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It is the last weekend of the decade and the time to make the right moves. And why not grieve to the tunes of DJ Perch. A model by day and DJ by night, Perch turned her undying love for music into a successful career. She has toured across the country performing at the top venues and has shared the stage with artists such as Jay Sean and DJ Chetas. Her sets are in electric mix of different genres of music ranging from hip-hop, Bollywood, pop and electronic. Perch is taking her passion got music to the next level with her productions; watch out for some big remixes out in the next months. She is a winner of Channel V’s Get Gorgeous season 6 and has been a part of Kingfisher Supermodels 2013 and not only this, she was awarded Miss Diva (Miss India Universe) for Best Body.

DJ Perch
DJ Perch

“Music was always an important part of my life since adolescence. Somewhere, I always had this desire of doing something related to music even when I was modelling. So I got on with it last year with the help of a friend who is a DJ himself he was kind enough to introduce me to the world of  DJ-ing.” This Saturday she will be putting together several hip hop numbers. And considering that the venue is HIGH Ultra Lounge you can expect not just great music but also stunning rooftop views of the city views of city. “The cherry on top is the view that makes you feel like you are in wonderland. And the genre of music will be hip hop. The audience can expect to groove to some amazing hip hop, so put on your dancing shoes and be ready.” Since the event is around new year eve, High Ultra Lounge – the Pan Asian Restaurant has lined up dishes like Sushi, Chaats, Appetizers, Main Course and desserts like Trio Chocolate Mousse, Tropical Fruit Pancotta, Hot Chocolate and Walnut Pudding and loads more. DJ Perch is inspired by travelling. “Every time I have an opportunity to travel to a different city or country, it is just amazing to absorb different cultures. The city and the people both inspire me and I always come back with new ideas and a strong feeling of enthusiasm.” So this weekend, put on your dancing shoes and get set to welcome the New Year on your feet.

  • What: Overdose ft. DJ Perch
  • When: 28th Dec, 8PM Onwards
  • Where: at HIGH Ultra Lounge, Rooftop, World Trade Centre, Malleswaram, Bangalore 080- 4567 4567 or +91 8892306316
  • Tickets: Rs. 500 and Rs. 1500 (cover charge) Club Rules Apply; 21+ Only; Tickets on

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