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Doors in Interiors

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Doors not only separate two spaces but also provide a sense of security, and privacy to the people using it. With the current scenario of work from homes, doors can also act as separators between the work and personal spaces.

One of the more important factors to consider when it comes to doors is to look at functionality, affordability, and practicality. Practicality is to deal with ease of manufacturing, quality, maintenance over a period, consistency of colour and grains, and availability of materials that go into doors.

The primary objective while building a property lies in protecting the doors so that they have a longer durability and restricting the spread of fire.

Courtesy Action TESA
Courtesy Action TESA

Doors must balance form and function. Louvered window and door detailing are for the purpose of natural ventilation and to promote proper air circulation, by not sacrificing privacy. French doors often open to beautifully curated courtyards and landscaped gardens.

Being ecologically sustainable can mainly be achieved through the materials being used and the processes involved in production.

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