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Eat in the Hills

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This summer, as you head to the hills, why not satiate your taste buds with some local delicacies?

The charms of the mountains are irresistible – snow-capped peaks, flower filled valleys, gushing streams, and stunning forest lands. Now add local food to the equation, and you can join the dots for a perfect holiday. The cuisine of the hills is unique as it is from the region and ticks the right boxes when it comes to sustainability, healthy food, and local eating. And if you are headed to the hills, we tell you what you must not miss eating.


When in Kashmir, it is a must to try the royal meal, the Wazwan in Srinagar. The dishes are made with sheep meat mined with a walnut hammer till it achieves a soft creamy consistency.


With its administrative divisions of Gharwal and Kumaon, Uttarakhand has a diverse culinary palate that is finely nuanced. The Phaanu, for instance, is one such dish from the Garhwal region. This is a mix of different kinds of lentils soaked overnight and horse gram and cooked with simple spices and served with rice.

Bal Mithai a delicacy from Nainital
Bal Mithai a delicacy from Nainital


The high elevations of Ladakh often mean that you would have trekked for hours. The best part however is that this would have worked up an appetite that can be satiated by unique dishes from this region, all prepared fresh and with local ingredients.

Himachal Pradesh

While the traditional sit-down celebratory meal Dham is a must try in Himachal Pradesh, it must be noted that there are variations on where you eat this the Kangri dham, Mandyali dham, Chambyali dham or Bilaspuri dham all come with their own twists of flavours.

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