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Eating Indore

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A city whose street food culture is legendary, Indoris are foodies and take their food very seriously as I discover on a recent trip.

Indore is a city that is known for its vibrant food scene. In fact the most ordered dish on UberEats was an Indore special Johny Hot Dog.

Hence when I was invited to The Park Indore recently, I decided to explore the city’s food. At The Park itself, there is a big focus on food with its eclectic choices from Epicenter, the all day diner, where I had my first poha jalebi for breakfast to Aqua the poolside lounge to Flurys the iconic bakery and Someplace Else the pulsating bar.

Snacks in Indore
Snacks in Indore

Sarafa Bazaar, is where the center of the food action is. In the narrow alleys of the space which is a jewellery market by day, the flavours of Indore come alive. There is everything from Chaat, Shrikhand, Ice cream, Juice, Pav Bhaaji, Dosa, Paneer tikka, Paratha, Chinese fare, Momos, Rolls and Kulfi stalls trying to catch your attention.

Chappan Dukan (that translates to 56 shops), is where you must also try the trademark khopra patties which are a big draw at Vijay Chat House. These are deep fried tikkis stuffed with grated coconut and spices and are served in a small bowl dunked in green chutney. And to settle it all, wash it down with Shikanji. Well, this is not the lemon juice you would associate the word with but a combination of milk, rabri, dry fruits and lassi.

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