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Eco friendly Diwali

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India’s most loved festival is often also the one that can have the least sustainability angle. But you can have an eco-friendly Diwali too.

Food, fun and festivities are a great way to celebrate Diwali. But while you do all this and more, remember that you also need to care for the environment. Here are some tips to celebrate with an eco-consciousness.

Avoid food wastage during/ after parties Prepare the food menu and guest list in advance and limit the number of food options. The plan is that you do not serve all the food and drink at once.

Save Electricity Power is one of the big issues in Diwali as it is after all the festival of lights and hence going for LED lights or simple diyas are a good idea.

Gift experiences instead of material objects The festival of Diwali is all about gifting. However, when you buy products that one may or may not want, you add several carbon emissions from delivery and wastage.

Reduce or avoid gift packaging or use recycled paper or fabrics Avoid gift wrapping sheets and instead use repurposed fabric, glossy old newspapers, jute string, and dried flowers to create a more elegant appearance than slick gift wrap.

Buy local ingredients and foods Instead of choosing imported food for the celebrations, reduce your carbon footprint by going local.

Diwali is all about lights and by adopting small changes you can be sure that you have added light in the real sense. Have a fun filled ‘green’ Diwali.

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