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Electric Vehicles in India

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Rising fuel costs, changing climate trends and vehicular pollution are making a strong case for the adoption of electric vehicles (e-vehicles) in India.

With an increasing population whose demand for vehicles is growing exponentially and conventional energy resources getting expensive, EVs are the way forward. Coupled with the fact that India imports close to 80% of its crude oil requirements, the Government is also giving sops to EV manufacturers.

eVolt India, India’s leading electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure start-up, working to boost adoption of electric vehicles by making charging accessible and ending range anxiety. eVolt uses a well-connected smart charging network that is built via strategic partnerships with public and private property owners to do this. 
Through a range of intelligent wallboxes, floor-mounted and portable AC and DC charging solutions for residences, offices, and fleets, eVolt aspires to help individuals, businesses and governments set up electric vehicle charging points where EV owners can ‘refuel’ to unlock longer distances. 

eVolt’s mission is to accelerate green mobility and electric vehicle growth across markets, by building a robust, affordable and connected charging infrastructure, while also giving an unmatched customer experience.

eVolt India enables individuals, institutions and governments to unveil the era of tomorrow’s fuel: renewable energy/electricity. With a vision to make future EV drivers feel more confident going longer distances, it installs, maintains premium fast AC and DC EV Chargers across public and private properties including hospitality chains, shopping and entertainment centres, frequently-visited public spaces, residences, workplaces and other drivable destinations.

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