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Several innovations have been made to make elevators futuristic for homes and commercial buildings. Some of the leading elevator companies like Otis, Thyssenkrupp, Johnson, Schindler and Kone have come up with some amazingly innovative lifts and elevators.

The elevator space is rapidly changing and ever evolving. It is expected to grow more in the coming years and key drivers for it would be residential and infrastructure. Designing an elevator is crucial to modern buildings.

The pandemic reinforced the importance of elevators as the spine of the building and a vital requirement for mobility of people. With remote working and significant focus on hygiene, we are seeing demand for improved passenger experience and upgraded elevator systems to include touchless access, larger elevator cabins for residential buildings, superior aesthetics, and use of IoT for a new breed of intelligent elevators.

Ambiance range by Otis India.
Ambiance range by Otis India.

While the trend is changing the cityscape and making it more impressive, it also brings with it the share challenges, which includes fire breakouts in the high-rise buildings. In the event of a fire breakout, evacuation in these multistoried buildings is the challenge.

A key advancement is that modern lifts think ahead for you. The latest systems are perfect for full-scale integration into smart buildings. Advancements in technology allow you to connect directly with the elevator systems by using your smartphone.

Modern lifts incorporate Green Elevator Technology such as LED lights and use water-soluble paint and recycled construction materials. Elevators have played a crucial role in developing the vertical scale of buildings. There is no doubt that modernism in Architecture was possible by the addition of elevators.

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