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Escalators and Elevators

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The elevator industry is making bold and strong footholds in technological advancements and customer usability. Skyscrapers, commercial spaces, hospitals, hotels and high-rise buildings are useless without elevators, but today the meaning of elevators and escalators has changed to a new high.

Courtesy Uniworks Design
Courtesy Uniworks Design

Elevators and escalators have been an integral part of the public spaces throughout the world. Their technology and design are always evolving and with the outburst of industrial manufacturing, it has become an easy facility for everyone. The design of elevators has evolved from steam driven to traction, hydraulic, vacuum and few other types. Due to this evolution, elevators have expanded the scopes from public spaces to private spaces like multistory residences, from big machine rooms to machines room less elevators. Use and type vary from use i.e. a double story building can have a pneumatic elevator for the compact and efficient design. Given the current pandemic, conscientious organizations are working to address the challenges of adapting to a new way of life.

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