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Everything Gets Better with Coffee

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The cup that cheers and the go-to wake up drink for millions, coffee is seeing a makeover. Move over wines, coffee is here to give you competition.

The Indian coffee story has been seeing action from its inception and coffee in India is grown under natural shade and in the biodiversity hotspots of the Western and Eastern Ghats. Now coffee is going to the next level, even as it enters the Fourth Wave.

Coffees from India have found a big export market and a huge fan following among coffee connoisseurs. In fact, a microlot from the Nullore Estate by Tata Coffee Limited in Coorg made it to the Starbucks Reserve® Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle and was the first single-origin Reserve coffee from India to have that honour. And International Coffee Day on October 1st has meant that coffees are being celebrated too.

Harvested coffee beans
Harvested coffee beans

Sonnets by Tata Coffee has each coffee processed in a different way to bring out the greatest flavours and is made in tiny, limited batches. “The word “Reserve” denotes that the coffee is available in limited quantities. ‘Single-origin’ denotes that the beans come from a single estate, segregated coffee lot with a distinctive flavour. These microlots are special lots of coffee, selected for their high-quality and unique flavour profiles. With the launch of Sonnets by Tata Coffee, Tata Consumer Products not only strengthens its product portfolio but also creates a special coffee experience for coffee aficionados,” says a spokesperson of Sonnets by Tata Coffee.

Specialty Coffee is about the dedication of the people who continually make quality their highest priority. At Kali Coffee for instance, the team makes sure that they buy coffee from farmers to support sustainability and get tested by Q-graders to maintain its quality. “For example, Mandala from Balanoor plantation allows you to experience a soothing and balanced medium plus roast with the flavours of grapefruit, citrus, and jasmine in each sip. In ‘Yati’ one can taste a whiskey kick with sweet berry-like finish whereas each sip of ‘Kamukta’s’ will leave you with a hint of rose tea and almonds completed with a caramel finish. It is a medium roast from the Julian Peak and the Vellakadai,” says Ashwini Sawant, Founder, Kali Coffee.

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