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Fenestrations and Windows

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Windows and fenestrations are important in the world of architecture and interiors as they serve the dual purpose of form and function.

With everyone opting for expansive openings, large scale glass panels greater than 6m will open up a new market in the high end residential segment. There is arise of more aesthetic and sleek frame sections over the past few years.

Green measures of double & triple paned windows to help insulate heat losses from air-conditioning is also gaining prominence in India. This is also a recommendation from LEED Homes certification requirements. 

Residence at Chennai courtesy Kembhavi Architecture Foundation
Residence at Chennai courtesy Kembhavi Architecture Foundation

Other features currently being further refined are the integration of the bug mesh and mosquito protection within the frame section.

Few companies have also initiated integrated smart blinds within the window system, based on the desire to block or admit natural light. This use was primarily restricted to commercial offices, which will now be extended to residential homes as well.

Integration with automation systems will gain large momentum in the coming years. Exploration of Mild Steel window frames is currently underway and can bring about a major design trend in the future.

Read the full story that first appeared in Architect & Interiors Magazine April 2023 issue here:

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  1. New innovations enhance the aesthetics of the building while providing healthy atmosphere (air quality and natural lighting) and comfort.

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